Top restaurants in Esfahan

Esfahan is Iran’s top tourist destination for both Iranians and foreign tourists. However, Esfahan is not necessary known for being the best destination for Iranian food and it can still be tricky to find great restaurants serving fine local dishes.

Visit top places in Esfahan

Esfahan is Iran’s top tourist destination for both Iranians and foreign tourists. However, Esfahan is not necessary known for being the best destination for Iranian food and it can still be tricky to find great restaurants serving fine local dishes. This is why we think it’s absolutely necessary to do your homework before visiting Esfahan in order to enjoy your food experience in such an extraordinary city.

Here is a list of top restaurants in the city of Esfahan:

Shahrzad restaurant

Shahrzad is a traditional restaurant in Esfahan. This place serves traditional Persian meals like kebab and stews as well as some international options. One of the best meals you can try in Shahrzad is the yogurt stew which is the most famous traditional dessert in Esfahan.
Aside from the delicious meals, the unique architecture is another attraction of Shahrzad restaurant. This restaurant was built about fiKy years ago, inspired by the traditional architecture of Iran and Esfahan. Shahrzad is near the Chaharbagh street. You can have a pleasant walk through this street aKer your meal at Shahrzad. The restaurant is open daily from 11:30 AM to 10:30 PM giving you the opportunity to have lunch or dinner.

Beryani Azam

Beryan is the traditional meal of Esfahan and Beryani is the name given to the places that serve Beryan.
Beryani Azam is one of the best places in Esfahan where you can have Beryan. Azam has four branches in the city. One of the best choices is the branch in Kamal Esmail Street. You can enjoy your meal with a view of the Zayande Rood and relax in the parks beside the river aKer your meal.
Keep in mind that Beyani is quite a heavy meal and people of Esfahan have it for lunch. Therefore biryani places are open only at lunch times.

Haj Mahmood Shefa’at Beryani

Another great place to have Beryan in Esfahan is at Shefa’at restaurants. There are two branches of Haj Mahmood Shefa’at Beryani in Esfahan. One in the grand bazaar in the middle of traditional neighborhood of Esfahan. The other branch is fancier and is located in Kowsar Hotel close to Si-O Se Pol Bridge.
The thing to remember is that you can only have Beryan at a Beryani places. It’s not something your will find in many other restaurants and even if you do, don’t expect the highest quality. Another meal served as an appetizer in a Biryani is a stew-like food called Abgoosht-e Beryan. The meal is made with the stock of the meat used for Beryan. You can also have yogurt stew as the dessert in Beryani places.

Namakdam mansion

Close to Naghsh-e Jahan square there is a beautiful traditional mansion which is now a restaurant. Namakdan serves traditional Persian meals and appetizers in a lovely place. This place also has a café menu. Namakdan is a good destination to rest in the middle of the day when you get tired of visiting all the attractions nearby.
Namakdan mansion is open daily from 9:30 AM to 11:30 PM.

Ghasr-e Monshi restaurant

Located in Ghasr-e Monshi Hotel, this restaurant serves traditional meals specially the dishes of Esfahan cuisine. The beautiful architecture of this building is definitely something you should not miss. You can have lunch and dinner in this restaurant.

Naghsh-e Jahan tradiAonal restaurant

This is a traditional restaurant located in the eastern part of Naghsh-e Jahan square. You can enjoy a fully traditional atmosphere with Persian meals at this place. Keep in mind that this restaurant only has traditional benches and no regular tables, so if you are not comfortable sitting on benches with your feet crossed it is best to choose another place to eat.
Naghsh-e Jahan restaurant is open every day for lunch and dinner.

Azadegan café

Azadegan, locally known as Chah Haj Mirza is a café in Naghsh-e Jahan square. This place serves meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner and also traditional Persian snacks. To be honest, there are many places that serve higher quality meals but the thing that makes Azadegan famous in Esfahan is the unique interior design of this place. This café looks more like an antique shop rather than a restaurant. Even if you do not want to eat here, it is highly recommended to have at least a cup of tea with Esfahan traditional sweet, Gooshfill.
Azadegan café is open every day from 7 AM to 10 PM.

Toranj restaurant

Toranj is a beautiful traditional building in Jolfa neighborhood. This place is both a café and a restaurant and serves a variety of local and international meals. Toranj, also known as Hovans is definitely one of the top places to eat while visiting the Christian neighbourhood of Esfahan.

Simon pavilion

Simon is a restaurant serving delicious Persian meals in Jolfa, Esfahan. It has a convenient atmosphere and you can choose sit outside or inside. It’s also available for both breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Levant restaurant

If you like to have a rest from all the Persian meals, you can spend some time at Levant restaurant and have some international meal options. Levant is open daily from 8 AM to 11:30 PM and you can have all the main courses here. Levant is also a great place to spend your atternoon for a cup of coffee when you are visiting Jolf neighborhood.
Fresh station restaurant
Fresh station is located in City Center shopping mall. This restaurant has a great variety of meals. You can have traditional Persian foods as well as

international ones. If you’re interested in visiting the City Center shopping mall which is the biggest in Esfahan, we’d highly recommend eating here.

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