Top foods you must try in Tabriz

Tabrizis are well known for the food. Whether it’s a celebration or a mourning ceremony, Tabrizis go over the top with serving up a feast of some of the finest local dishes.

Top foods you must try in Tabriz

Tabrizis are well known for the food. Whether it’s a celebration or a mourning ceremony, Tabrizis go over the top with serving up a feast of some of the finest local dishes. There’s normally a lot of meat involved and presentation is taken into great consideration. In fact, Tabrizi women are famous for their presentation skills. So apart from the amazing architecture and culture, the food from Tabriz is definitely something not to be missed during your visit.

What are the unique features of Tabrizi cuisine?

Azerbaijan has a cold climate. This has directly affected the cuisine of the region. The traditional meals of Azerbaijan are quite energetic with different kinds of essential substances. Besides, most of the meals in Azerbaijan, including the desserts are served warm. Another special thing about the food made in Azerbaijan is the ingredients. Because of the geographical location of this region, the plants growing in Azerbaijan have a very rich flavour. This also results in the diet of the livestock and ultimately the taste of their flesh. Therefore the taste of the meals you have in Azeri regions like Tabriz is different from those you try in other parts of the country, even if the cooking methods are the same. What are some of the most famous foods in Tabriz cuisine? Most of the foods that were originated in Tabriz are now cooked and served in other cities of Iran. With the growing number of multi-cultural cafes and restaurants, you can have the traditional meals of other regions in almost every city in Iran. However, tasting the traditional foods of a region, cooked by the local professionals in the place where the meal was first made is an experience you would not want to say no to.

Here are a few dishes you should keep an eye for in Tabriz:

Koofteh Tabrizi

Koofteh Tabrizi is the most famous dish of Tabriz. Koofteh is the Persian term for smashed. In the traditional process of making Koofteh, meat is smashed in a stone mortar. Currently ground meat is used instead however the name has stayed the same. To make Koofteh, meat, baked vegetable and beans are mixed and then shaped into big balls. Inside the balls are usually filled with a boiled egg, walnut or dried plums. The balls are then cooked in a tomato sauce until they are ready to serve. The meal is usually garnished with barberries and nuts, giving it a beautiful look. Koofteh Tabrizi is a popular meal in Tabriz and is served in many ceremonies.

Dolme Barg-e Mo (grape leave Dolma)

Dolma is a Turkish word meaning “to be filled”. The main ingredient for this meal is grape leaves. The leaves are boiled for a few minutes. A mixture of cooked rice and beans is used for the filling the Dolma. About a spoon full of this mixture goes on the leaf and the leaf is then wrapped into a small pack. Bundled Dolmas are then put into a pan and get cooked for a bit more. Dolme Barg-e Mo is best with fresh grape leaves, therefore it is usually made in the summer when grape leaves have just grown. Grape leave Dolma is served as an appetizer in Tabriz. Other types of Dolma are also popular in Azerbaijan. Dolma filled in tomatos, bell peppers and eggplants are other kinds of Dolma usually made in the region.


Khagineh is a Tabrizi meal served as an appetizer or a midday snack. The main ingredients of Khagineh are egg, flour and sugar. Khagineh is much like pancakes but with a thicker texture. AOer Khagineh is cooked, it is coated with a sweet syrup made of rosewater and saffron. Khagineh can also have fillings of different nuts.


Doimaj is a popular snack in Tabriz. It’s is a mixture of Tabrizi traditional cheese, bread and some aromatic herbs. It is most common in the warm seasons alongside summer fruits like watermelon. Doimaj is also a great choice for breakfast.


Abgoosht or Dizi is made in almost all parts of Iran. However, the one made in Tabriz has a very special taste. The Azeri recipe as well as the fresh ingredients used to make Abgoosht, give this meal a unique taste which you cannot forget.

Different types of Ash

People of Azerbaijan make a great variety of Ash. Most of the Ash in Tabrizi cuisine are vegetarian and some are even suitable for vegans. Here are some of the most popular Ash made in Tabriz:

Fruit Ash

Fruit Ash is made with vegetables and fruits. Plum, cherry and cornelian cherry are some of the fruits that can be used in this Ash. Fruit Ash has a sour taste and is served as an appetizer.

Tomato Ash

Tomato Ash is another delicious Ash made in Tabriz. The main ingredient of this Ash is Tomato and it is a vegan meal. Tomato Ash also has a mild sour taste which is because of the verjuice in it.

Yogurt Ash

Yogurt Ash or Ash-e Mast is originated in Azerbaijan however it is served in other parts of Iran as well. The Azeri yogurt Ash can be made both with or without meat. Yogurt is the main ingredient of this Ash and for a beYer taste, it is beYer to use a rather sour yogurt. This Ash is served as an appetizer and also a midday snack in many parts of Azerbaijan. Boiled egg and potatoes, the most popular street food in Tabriz Just like other meals in the cuisine of Tabriz, the most popular street food of this city is a meal full of energy. In Tabriz, you can see many wagons in the streets with a giant dish of boiled eggs and potatoes. This delicious street food is a sandwich filled with freshly boiled eggs and potatoes. BuYer, pickled cucumber, aromatic herbs and tomato are some of the options added to this sandwich for a richer taste. This sandwiches are prepared right in front of you. They are most common in the cold winter days as a brunch. It can keep you warm and give you enough energy for the rest of the day.

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