The most beautiful canyons in Iran

Canyons are one of the many unique geological features in Iran. Iran is located on the Iranian plateau, as a result there are many amazing geological features in the country that attract visitors. One of these beautiful attractions are the canyons.

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Canyons are one of the many unique geological features in Iran. Iran is located on the Iranian plateau, as a result there are many amazing geological features in the country that attract visitors. One of these beautiful attractions are the canyons. There are numerous canyons in Iran. They are spread all over the country and each come with their special characteristics. Some are suitable for all types of travellers and others are reserved for professionals.
Here area few of Iran’s most beautiful canyons:

Tangeh Haygher (the grand canyon of Iran)

Some of the most beautiful canyons in Iran are located in Fars province. Tangeh Haygher is one of them and it was created due to sedimentary activities over the centuries. In order to get there you would need a two hour trip from Shiraz. When you arrive, the view of the rocks, alongside with the river that passes through the valley fascinates you the most. Once you feel more comfortable in the region you can enjoy the humming of the birds and the stunning wildlife. You can also spend some time with the Qashqai Nomads who live nearby.
Keep in mind that it is better to avoid visiting Haygher canyon at summer because it can get annoyingly warm. You might also need some professional climbing equipment if you wish to climb the canyons by yourself.

Raghez canyon

Also in Fars province, Raghez canyon is a great choice for summer. This canyon has many waterfalls and ponds. As well as climbing, you will need to swim in the water to pass this canyon so you’ll need some equipment. There are multiple guided tours for this canyon and they all include equipments and a introduction class in which you’ll get familiar with the requirements. You don’t have to be a professional to enjoy Raghez, but you’d definitely need to be open for some physical challenge.
The best time for visiting Raghez canyons is at summer when the water level is high. Keep in mind that during the floods this region can be quit dangerous and it is best to avoid going there at these times.

Rageh canyon

Rageh is a beautiful region in Kerman province. You can see the river that passes through the canyon and has made the stunning rock formations during centuries. This canyon is also home to wild eagles and gazelles. The peacefulness of Rageh canyon gives you a great opportunity to relax in nature. Rather than climbing and walking through the rocks, this area is a great choice to spend the night and watch the amazing sky of the desert.
The best time for visiting Rageh canyon is in spring and fall when the weather is cooler in southern Iran.

Boragh canyon

In the mountainous region of Fars province, a mesmerising canyon hides between the trees. Boragh canyon is located in a village of the same name in the northern regions of Fars province. There are beautiful waterfalls, fountains and rivers in the area of the canyon. This place is also great for swimming and relaxing beside the water. The area can get cold during winter so the best time to visit Boragh village is in spring and summer.

Chahkooh canyon

Chahkooh canyon is located in Qeshm Island, Hormozgan province. The sedimentary activities have made beautiful structure on the rocks of Shahkooh canyons. The structures that might look manmade but in fact they are completely natural. The only artificial thing in the area is the few places that the locals have made as a reservoir of the rain water. Chahkooh canyon has the depth of about one hundred meters. When you walk through the canyon, the sky looks like a narrow line surrounded by beautiful cliffs.
As Qeshm is a relatively warm region, the best time for visiting Chahkooh is in late winter and spring.

Kaleh Jenni canyon

Kaleh Jenni or the valley of the elves, is located near Tabas, in Khorasan province. The reason for this naming is that the villagers believed the canyon was home to ghosts and elves. However, the real history behind the canyon goes back to thousands of years ago during the empire of Sasanians. There are many houses and temples that have been made by the Zoroastrian people in that era. Although this canyon is mostly manmade but you can also see the erosion results that have made patterns on the rocks during time.

Shirez canyon

Shirez is one of the most beautiful canyons in the west of Iran. This canyon has a great greenery and beautiful waterfalls. There is also a water cave halfway through the canyon which once connected both sides but eventually was blocked due to a recent earthquake. There is also a very long stone column in this canyon which is a result of erosion activities. This column which is about 80 meter long is called the stone minaret and it’s the main feature of Shirez canyon.
The best time to visit Shirez is in summer as the region can get very cold during the winter.

Morteza Ali canyon

Morteza Ali canyon has many natural springs surrounded by tall cliffs. This spot is located in Tabas, Khorasan province. The natural spa of Morteza Ali canyon can be used for therapeutics means as well as simply relaxing in the middle of nature. The springs have both warm and cool water, each with different features.
The best time for visiting Morteza Ali canyon is in summer to avoid the hot climate of the nearby regions.

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