Ski Resorts in Iran

Skiing in Iran is unknown to many tourists. Many foreigners are surprised to know that ski resorts in Iran even exists since they mostly assume Iran to be a hot and dry country.

Ski Resorts in Iran

Skiing in Iran is unknown to many tourists. Many foreigners are surprised to know that ski resorts in Iran even exists since they mostly assume Iran to be a hot and dry country. But it is good to know that Iran, along with its historical and natural attractions; is one of the best ski destinations due to the quality of its snow and international ski resort standards!
The existence of the Alborz, Zagros, Alvand, and other mountain ranges has allowed Iran to benefit from snowy winters. These snowfalls create ski slopes with different heights and routes for both professionals and amateurs.
Here are some of the best ski resorts in Iran:

#1 Dizin International Ski Resort

Dizin International ski resort is not only the biggest ski resort in Iran but also the most important ski resort in the Middle East. It’s settled in the Alborz mountain range and is accessible from Chalus road, about 70 km far from Tehran. 
 The working season starts from December until around April. Impressive height of 3600 meters and the northern exposure of ski slopes causes this long ski season with powdery snow quality. The ski area includes 3 chairlifts, 9 surface lift, and 4 gondolas. Out of the ski season, you can use other sports facilities in this resort such as mountain climbing, mountain biking, and tennis court.
 The variety of qualified accommodation in Dizin may stimulate you to spend a night there. If you decide to stay, don’t miss the sunrise with a unique view of the Damavand peak, the highest volcano in the Middle East.

#2 Shemshak International Ski Resort

Shemshak ski resort is the second biggest international ski resort in Iran. It was created in 1958. Due to its proximity to Tehran, the village of Shemshak was always a place of leisure for Tehranis in the summer even before the construction of ski resort. 
 Shemshak is located about 60 km northeast of Tehran. You can enjoy watching the natural glaciers that have created a perfect place for skiing on the road. Shemshak ski resort is a perfect for those who are professional skiers as it has steep slopes and tricky runs. Besides, the resort has a night ski slope that is open up to 10 PM. There are varied accommodations near Shemshak including wooden cottages, rental houses, and hotels. It’s not out of advantage to visit the Barin Hotel of Shemshak. It’s a hotel with a spectacular and modern architecture inspired by bones and ice.

#3 Pooladkaf International Ski Resort

Poladkaf International ski resort is the southern most ski resort in Iran. This resort is nestled within the heights of the Dena mountain range. It is located 88 km north of Shiraz and 15 km from the Sepidan road to Margoon waterfall. The wonderful route and standard facilities have made this resort the most popular ski resort in the southern part of Iran. Its proximity to Shiraz also encourages tourists to visit the complex. Proper accommodation, gondola lift, stunning nature, and grass ski slopes keep the Pooladkaf international ski resort open all year round.

#4 Tochal International Ski Resort

Tochal international ski resort is the closest ski resort to the capital. Which is why it’s very popular among Tehranis. This ski resort is accessible from Velenjak district in Tehran. You can easily reach the slopes in half an hour by using a Tochal gondola lift. Tochal is located between two valleys and despite its proximity to the urban environment, it has a cozy location. With a height of 3900 meters, this resort is one of the highest ski resorts in Iran and it’s usable for about 8 months of the year.

#5 Sahand Ski Resort

Sahand ski resort is located in the northwest of Iran, on the northern side of the magnificent Sabalan peak and near the city of Tabriz. This resort is the most popular ski resort in northwestern Iran. This popularity is due to its long ski slopes, suitable facilities, and a height of 3000 meters.
 Sahand ski resort is suitable for beginners as well as professional.

#6 Tarik darreh Ski Resort

Tarik Darreh ski resort is placed in the Alvand mountain range. It is proximate to the beautiful and historical city of Hamedan. The ski slopes are located in a 270-degree valley and there are three slopes at the altitudes of 2,600 meters to 3,000 meters. To access this resort, you can use Ganjnameh Road from Hamedan. This resort also has a grass skiing slope for summer, hotel, restaurant, and other welfare amenities.

#7 Koohrang Ski Resort (Chelgerd)

The Koohrang ski resort is located in Chaharmahal Bakhtiari province and adjacent to Koohrang city. It is one of the oldest ski resorts in Iran. Due to its proximity to natural attractions such as waterfalls, glaciers, and natural springs, this resort is a pleasant place to spend a winter vacation. The ski season is from early November to March and the resort has three slopes in different levels.

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