Fly to Iran

17+ hour flight, but what an amazing service

Fly to Iran

Wellington – Auckland – Doha – Shiraz

Deirdre took me to Wellington Airport, caught 10-45am AirNZ to Auckland, then over to
International for Qatar Airlines flight to Doha. By doing online check-in for both flights beforehand, it saved a lot of time queueing in Auckland. Just went straight to Electronic bag drop queue where suitcase (14.8kg) plus all booking details and visa were checked, then on to the rest of the departure security and formalities.

17+ hour flight, but what an amazing service. Meals, drinks, snacks – we were well looked after.

I sat (in centre seat of 3) with Barbara Levin by window, and a young man in aisle seat. An organist, student of Douglas Mews, who’d played for St Michael’s in Kelburn for a few years and in other churches. Blue nail polish. Flying to London to join his partner.
At Doha, after only dozing on long flight, found our departure lounge, met up with Ailsa and Mary, and as we were too early decided to find a coffee. Well, it turned out to be the most expensive coffee ever – a $6USD caffe latte!
Doha to Shiraz, by now 6t​ h​ April, only 11⁄4 hours. However, it took ages for our luggage to appear on the carousel – at least 45 minutes. Then out via Customs, having had all bags scanned, where Mehdi and Lisa were waiting for us. By van (our drive Ali) to hotel, for a snooze before breakfast. It was fully 6.30am and daybreak when we crawled in to bed.
Barbara and I sharing a room. Neither of us slept much, so met up with the others in the restaurant later for breakfast. Very similar in some ways to what G and I hand in Turkey, with sliced cucumber, tomato, fetta, and hardboiled eggs. Some Iranian gluey thick soup made with ?, including dried beans as well.

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