Best restaurants in Tehran

There are many great restaurants in Tehran mostly offering Iranian food from different regions of Iran.

Best restaurants in Tehran

There are many great restaurants in Tehran mostly offering Iranian food from different regions of Iran.
Choosing a proper place to eat while you are travelling to a foreign land is crucial and it’s easy to fall into the trap of overrated touristy spots with 5-star reviews online.
Tehran, as the capital city of Iran, is the first destination of most tourists visiting the country. Knowing the top places to eat in Tehran would make your trip quite a bit of an experience.

Here are some of the best restaurants in Tehran we’d recommend you to try:

Nayeb chain restaurants

Nayeb is one of the best restaurants in Tehran with many branches in the city. You can have different kinds of delicious Kebab as well as other top Persian meals at these restaurants. The staff are rather nice and you’re up for a classic dining experience with high quality food, Nayeb is definitely a great place to try.

Heeva Kabab café

Heeva is another great restaurant to try while you are in Tehran. Aside from Kababs, this café also serves other popular Persian meals like different stews and Persian appetizers. Heeva has a nice modern atmosphere which also represents some of the traditional aspects of Persian cuisine. We’d highly recommend the boned chicken and sour cherry rice which is an Iranian specialty you don’t find everywhere.

Shandiz Mashhad restaurant

If you are a meat lover, this restaurant is for you. They serve all kinds of kababs and other Persian meals made with meat. The staff are friendly and the atmosphere is calm.

Dizi restaurant

Dizi, also known as Abgoosht, is one of the oldest Persian dishes. It’s a combination of lamb, chickpeas, tomatoes, onions and potatoes cooked over medium heat for several hours. It’s a dish you would have for lunch on weekends, usually shared with family or friends.
Dizi restaurant specifically serves Dizi along with the side dishes that are usually served along with it such as pickled vegetables. Dizi is one of the most delicious yet heavy meals of Persian cuisine. This restaurant is open only for lunch time sand it’s a good idea to make reservations if you’re planning to eat here on weekends.

Rouhi restaurants

Rouhi is the Persian term used for objects made of Zinc. In the old Ames, many Iranian dishes were made of Zinc. Rouhi restaurant serves delicious Iranian meals in an atmosphere which resembles Iran in the past decades. The meals are served in Zinc dishes just the way they used to years ago. They also do not give you a fork as it was not common for Iranians to use forks in the old days. A piece of bread would normally work instead of a fork.
Rouhi is well known for its Gheimeh stew and Abgoosht. The restaurant also has a café where have your midday coffee, Persian ice cream or breakfast.

Divan restaurant

Divan is another reputable restaurant in Tehran which serves Persian dishes. The interior design is quite interesting and different. You also have the view of the city if you sit by the windows. If you’re looking for somewhere to try some of the most famous Iranian traditional dishes, Divan is a great choice.

Gilaneh restaurant

If you are looking for a new food experience in Tehran and you’re Ared of all the kabab and stews, Gilaneh can be a very interesting choice. Gilaneh is a great restaurant in Tehran which serves dishes of the Gilani cuisine. Gilan is one of the northern provinces in Iran with a cuisine of its own which are quite popular all over the country. Make sure you try their Sour kebab, Torsh vash stew or Anarbij.

Moslem restaurant

If you are visiting the grand bazaar of Tehran, Moslem is the most popular choice in the area. Moslem serves some of the most classic Iranian dishes.
The waiting line might scare you at first but it moves rather quickly and you can have your meal at no Ame. Also, keep in mind that the portions are quite large and usually enough for two people. Moslem is not the kind of place you go for a relax sit-down lunch. There are always plenty of people waiting to take your seat and the waiters cannot wait for you to finish so they can clean up and serve someone else. The food is preVy good, but think of it as a quick bite.

SPU restaurant

While you are in the northern mountains of Iran near Darakeh neighbourhood, enjoying the fresh air and walking among the village rows, you can have your meal at SPU restaurant. This is one of the top restaurant serving Persian meals with great taste and high quality. SPU has indoor and outdoor seating.

Koohpaye restaurant

This restaurant is one of the top choices in the Darband neighbourhood. They serve different kinds of Persian meals in a lovely outdoor atmosphere. You can have lunch and dinner courses at this restaurant. It is good to have a reservation if you want to get there on the weekends as it can be a bit crowded.

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